A Way of Life – Hardcover

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Publisher Buencamino Bild & Bok
Dimension 213x156x14 mm (Landscape)
Weight 420 gram
ISBN 9789151906782
Published 2022-02-28
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Camino de Santiago 2008 and 20015. Also Camino Aragonés 2012
I have spent months on foot along the Iberian Peninsula’s historic trails, hiking more than 6.000 kilometres. In A Way of Life, through my photos and journal notes, I describe my first hike on the French Way or the Camino de Santiago. This is the most popular route in Spain.
Come along with me and meet my friends. On the way of vineyards and historic sites to Burgos. Through the arid nature of the Meseta to León. And over the blue-hued mountains of Galicia to the city which has drawn pilgrims – first from across Europe, now from around the world – for more than a thousand years. A Way of Life is my second photo book.